Château du Raysse in 5 Surprising Facts

Guests of the Château du Raysse fall in love with its beautiful views, quirky charm and its regal yet welcoming feel. Every archway, stone wall and wooden floorboard is steeped in history. Here are a few things for you to know that will help you fully appreciate the castle’s story and give you a few ideas to help you make the most of your upcoming stay – or help you decide that Château du Raysse should be seen to be believed!

1. Our history dates back to 1155

The castle’s iconic tower was built in the middle of the twelfth century for the Raysse family. The Raysse family were allies of the French Aquitaine duchy, which was controversially siding with England’s Richard the Lionheart against the French King Louis VII.

2. A Medieval Castle with Modern Home Comforts

There aren’t many holiday homes out there that will allow you to wake from your four-poster bed, descent the twelfth-century winding staircase and slip into your outdoor pool! The estate offers two swimming pools, a steam room, a secure trampoline and (in the Maison du Parc) a full-size snooker table.

Room 2

3. We have a resident donkey named Vanille

A friendly soul, Vanille is well cared for and always happy to have a visit from the château guests! Set in the hillside overlooking the Dordogne, you can also expect to see gambolling deer as well as our adorable sheep – Esmeralda & Quasimodo! 

4. Monkeys, kayaks and caves are all a short drive away!

There’s a huge range of activities near the estate, including an obstacle course, golf course, zip-line, horse riding and kayaking trips. Cazoules also neighbours several labyrinths of different enchanting caves, and wildlife parks for nature and animal lovers. With all of this choice, you can really make your stay as intrepid or as restful as you like!

For more information, visit our Explore Nearby page!

5. We have a knight in shining armour always standing by.

Fondly named Sir Richard, you’ll find a replica medieval suit of arms at the foot of the tower’s spiral staircase. Always watching over the grounds, château guests find him good company – not to mention a star in their souvenir holiday snaps!

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